Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation


Often I hear clients tell me they want to change, but lack the motivation follow through.  Whether it’s a diet and exercise plan, getting a new job, or working on relationship concerns with others, finding the motivation to succeed at changing your life can be challenging.

Last week, I had to teach myself how to use Quickbooks.  It’s tax season and this is a whole new territory for me as a business owner.  I am definitely not a numbers cruncher kind of person.  It was HARD.  I didn’t want to do it, but I had to learn.  How did I make the transition from thinking about the task to making it happen?

Have a plan.  Write it down. Make sure to focus on one task/behavior change at a time.  Too many tasks can lead to complete failure as they can become too overwhelming.  Start small.  Think baby steps.

Identify distractions and obstacles.  What was preventing me from learning how to use Quickbooks?  My dirty and disorganized house.  I like a clean house and when it’s even a tad too disorganized, I can’t focus.  So I cleaned out my closets and dresser; went through my cookbooks.  One pile for trash, another for donations, and another for keeps.  No more distractions. Then I could move on to focusing on the task I really didn’t want to tackle.

Ask for help.  In our independent go-getter mentalities, it can be hard to ask for help, however,  you aren’t alone.  Life is much easier to cope with if we can ask and accept help when we need it.  Recognizing we can’t do it all is freeing.  I called my accountant, he reassured me I was on the right track and offered to meet with me.  Whew!  Such a relief.

Recognize the resistance to change.  Motivation to change in a life changing way often has to come at the right time and place.  It’s probably not a good idea to quit smoking while having to find a new job after being laid off from another.  Be realistic and kind to yourself.  It doesn’t all need to happen at once.



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